Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty which is also known as Secondary Rhinoplasty is a nasal procedure which is performed in patients who have had previous Rhinoplasty surgery. Revision Rhinoplasty can be a very complex procedure and should be performed by surgeons with extensive experience in performing primary (first time) and duplicate Rhinoplasty surgery. 

Why have a revision Rhinoplasty?

Poor results from previous surgery, stigmata of previous surgery, loss of normal nasal function with the need to re-establish both function and a natural, harmonising, well proportioned look are common reasons for a revision procedure. We have surgeons who specialise in revision procedures.


Revision surgery is a complicated and challenging procedure compared to primary rhinoplasty and requires in-depth knowledge and expertise to understand the underlying causes and complications related to previous surgery. Surgical approach varies with complexity of individual cases. Often, comprehensive reconstruction is essential for severe problems.

It is prudent to find a surgeon who has knowledge and skills of both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and specialises in this procedure to ensure optimal outcome. It is also important that patients truly understand the limitations of revision surgery and have realistic expectations.

When properly performed, this procedure can restore a more natural look to a nose that has been over-operated and now looks too small, short, long, narrow, wide or twisted. It can overcome the stigmata of previous surgery including improving the functional airway of the nose.

Sometimes, a nose may be severely damaged by previous surgery and may be virtually beyond repair, but this is not common. The biggest obstacle in revision rhinoplasty is trying to correct a nose that may have undergone several revisions or where there is limited tissue to work with. The amount of scarring and the state of the tissues may significantly limit the degree of improvement possible.

In some cases, it may be best to leave well alone as the risks of further revision may outweigh the benefits. It is important that the surgeon understands your concerns and expectations and gives the best advice which, sometimes, may be disappointing.

Our surgeons have extensive experience in carrying out revision rhinoplasty procedures.

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