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People over time develop deep horizontal creases across the forehead, pinched furrows above the nose, or heavy, drooping eyebrows. By performing a brow lift for our patients at True Me, we can reverse the lined, drooping brow that has left them looking tired, angry, sad, or simply far older than they actually are. The brow lift works to reverse this effect by lifting and tightening the skin on the forehead and smoothing out wrinkles-effectively taking years off our patients’ appearance.

Brow Lift Surgery

Why consider surgery?

The affects of ageing often affect the brow and the forehead area. With age, droopy eyebrows can cause bulging of the upper eyelids. It also has a secondary affect on the upper eyelid skin, often exaggerating the baggy look of the upper lid. Brow lift is therefore considered in isolation or in conjunction with upper eyelid surgery.

Am I a suitable candidate?

Brow lift may be performed in both men and women to improve the position of the forehead and the brow as well as the upper eyelids. Any one with realistic expectations and good health is a candidate for surgery when indicated.

What are the benefits of surgery?

The forehead lift improves the aesthetic of the forehead and restores the forehead and the brow to a more youthful natural position.

How is the procedure performed?

The procedure is performed usually under a general anaesthetic, although local anaesthetic with sedation may also be used.

There are two methods that may be adopted for the procedure.

In the first procedure (coronal lift) where incisions are made along the top of the forehead, usually behind the hairline. In the second, less invasive endoscopic procedure, small incisions are made at the top of the forehead just a the hairline, through which endoscopes and other fine instruments are inserted to remove muscles producing the frown lines and elevate the forehead and the brow. Following surgery, the incisions are closed either with suture material or clips. The brow lift procedure generally takes about 2 hours to perform.

Post operative recovery

Generally full recovery is made within two weeks. Considerable swelling and bruising of the forehead and the upper eyelid area is not uncommon. Sensation of numbness and pain is usually temporary and settles quickly.


Complications of a brow lift procedure are extremely rare. However, these include bleeding, haematoma formation, infection, rarely temporary hair loss, and numbness of the forehead and front part of the scalp.

To schedule a brow lift consultation, please contact us.

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