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In recent years, technology has transformed the practice and results of facial plastic and aesthetic surgery. Today, we can treat a wide variety of problems efficiently with minimal scarring and down time, resulting in a natural long lasting and un-operated look at significantly lower costs.

Some of the tools that we use for non-surgical rejuvenation include the use of wrinkle relaxation treatments (Botulinum Toxins, commonly known as Botox), and Fillers, such as Restylane®, Juvéderm, Sculptra™ as well as many others. Recent treatments to rejuvenate the face, such as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, commonly known as PRP, can achieve excellent aesthetic results.

In addition, devices, such as Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), are effective in treating a wide variety of common conditions, such as excess hair, birth marks, facial redness and broken veins. Lasers are also used to revise scars, reduce wrinkling and rejuvenate the skin, making it look younger and fresher.

The use of digital photography and morphing software gives us the ability to elucidate expected results before surgery, which helps our patients, clients and customers to have a realistic idea of the outcome of various procedures.

Our philosophy extends beyond surgery and includes advice on a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise, physical well-being, as well as the use of appropriate facial cosmeceutical products and other complementary therapies.

For those of you interested in reconstructive surgery for whatever reason, it is worth noting that technology has not only advanced in cosmetic surgery, but has also produced even greater wonders for reconstructive surgery. That is to say, we can now use various materials to replace damaged or destroyed tissue. The use of devices, such as skin expanders, can help us to cover large areas of skin loss using your own skin. The use of specialised microscopic techniques such as Mohs micrographic surgery and magnifying devices, such as loops, helps to remove cancer fully and prevent recurrence. The use of tiny screws, plates, etc., helps in joining fractures without an obvious external deformity.

Despite all this, the goal of facial plastic surgery remains static and forward thinking. That is to say, one’s psychological wellbeing, to a large degree, depends on self-esteem. Self-esteem is enhanced when facial features are in harmony with our inner spirit and our philosophy of facial plastic surgery strives to achieve exactly that. We, at True Me, recognise the close link between self-esteem and physical appearance and believe that looking good and feeling good is a personal gift to oneself and is not a narcissistic indulgence. Hence, we will do our utmost to help achieve your goal by working with you at all times.

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